Miodrag Michel Velickovic, was born 19.02.41 in Beograd, Yugoslavia. He studied  music there,

     and latter on took apart in several youth festivals med with his original lyrics and music.  

    This lead to the engagement in  yugoslav radio og TV with his orchester ”Express 8”.

 Miodrag Michel Velickovic came to Norway with his orchester, 

   and traveled across thr country as a dancemusisian. He was overwelmed by the norwegian naturen.  

When travelling trough this fairyland he fell in love with the powerful and grand norwegian nature

       and he desided to stay here . "Norway has fantastic ritch nature, and I'm still thankful that I can     

        live to see  its simlicity, lightness, fragility and pureness. Norwegian nature inebriates my mind.”

  Michel has great love for the stones and rocks. When we look at his painings, it gives the pictures 

   an extra dimension to know that our domestic stones and rocks has inspired him even though   

he is not born among the mountains. For his talented observers eye, quite ordinary stones 

 transformed into beautiful landscapes.   Michel Velickovic says he does not look at the  

  stones as a lifeless, cold barrier in nature.  - ”I look at them as objects with gracefull   

lines, with lyrical and picturesque character. In the stones I find both poetical and

 powerful dramatically shapes, sometimes in harmony, sometimes in conflict.  
Very expressive! The stones are fascinating and inspiring material,

 that I view as an abstraction in the playing  with coulors 

 and a fine natural art piece.”

 - ”By the grace of God I have been blessed with the gift of talent,
to paint and draw  what I cannot say in words.

     This is one passion that has followed me my whole life,  

  and blossoms in this inspired ambient.”


  In his art Michel Velickovic use a variety of mixed mediums. 
 From coloured pencils, ink, pastel, watercolor, acrylic, oil, to metal like led

   and aluminium, together with glasscolor, bronse and tinting colour.

   Impassioned by norwegian nature and traveling as a musician,

  the watercolor became the expression of his art and emotions.

  - ”With a paintbrush in my hand, it's like orchestrating new and     

    different symphonies, while the color and water create music.”  

  Michel Miodrag Velickovic does not paint norwegian nature only,  
   with brush and colors but creates musical notes and tunes, as well. 

   He mixes music elements into his artistic expression. 

                                      This music picture is created out of the same prosess, as, if,

      a muscian, a composer and an artist are forfilling the same dream.  

That's how "musicism" as style of art was born!

”I desire to unite and create imagery art and self composed music,

    by the use of elektronics media like digital video og multimedia.” 

  Since the new electronics media was intrducied to the music stage   

(synthesizers, samplers, sequencers, sound and expanders  modules, etc),
a quartet was reduced to the one man band . It's opened a new direction of

creative music. Michel M. Velickovic has composed music for video/film, theatre,

   commercial advertising, stunts, Eurovision Song Contest and  pop music  based on    

Yugoslav folk music. In his music work, he's "painting" impressions from the

Norwegian nature, togethwer with nostalgic feelings from his home country.
 Michel M. Velickovic has given many art exhibitions during the years, 

  and he's represented in private and public collections in Norway and Europe. 

He has also  been engaged in several private and public decorations.

 Many children has got a music education from Michel Velickovic.  


Michel was also engaged as artist in the kindergarten,

 where he shared his knowlege of form and colour farge with Norwegian children. 

"Children live through  inspiration, and it might last a lifetime" -

   says Michel who is often taking his inspiration from the rivers and the sea . 

      He is a passionate  sports angler, and of course, he's born in Pisces!       


About his art Michel M. Velickovic is saying:

 ”I need not live by my art to live for my art.  

    Its values does not depend on what others invest in it,  

  it's measured by what I invest in it.”



 is a multi-media exhibition where Michel M. Velickovic  works both with  

 acrylic, watercolor and colored pensils. It describes an emotional interpretetion

 of the moods and characters of nature. His pictures of cold rivers containes warmth

  and character and we can almost feel the river roar as it runs through rapid and calm waters.


 Michel Miodrag Velickovic's art is touching the holliest and deepest of the strings 

 that creates music in our soul, and it's the real praise to the norwegian nature.